How do I become a CanalM agent?
Contact us by telephone, email, or complete our online form right now.
Who can use CanalM Money Transfer?
Anyone who has a need to send money quickly with confidence can use the CanalM money transfer service in Morocco. Customers include business and leisure travelers, students and people away from home working to support family members in any city accross Morocco. Anyone who lives outside of Morocco and has a need to send money to their family and loved ones in Morocco can also use the CanalM international pay out service in any city. We partnered with more than 40 financial companies in the world so people can send money from any country.
How is a CanalM money transfer processed?
To send money inside Morocco : The agent enters the consumer's information into the CanalM system, checks their identification and collects the cash (including the sending fee). The agent ensures that the consumer signs the receipt and provides them with a copy.
To receive money from any country or city: The agent enters the consumer's information into the system, checks their identification and gives the consumer the funds and a copy of the signed receipt.
Will I be able to process money transfers to/from any destination?
Yes, your customers will be able to send money to 400 to 2500 agent locations inside Morocco. You will also be able to pay out money that has been sent from any country across the world.
What support will I receive from CanalM?
Once you have been enrolled as an agent, CanalM will help you get started and make your first transaction. You will get a starter pack, with training and marketing promotion materials. We will provide training and software free of charge. As a CanalM agent, you will have access to customer support to answer any questions you may have about offering our service.
Why should I offer the CanalM service?
You'll need a computer, an Internet connection and a printer at your retail location. Once you've installed the software we'll provide, you'll be able to offer money transfer services and earn a commission on every CanalM money transfer that's sent or received from your retail locations(s).
How will I earn money with CanalM?
Each time a consumer sends a money transfer, they pay a transfer fee for the service. As a CanalM agent, you'll earn a commission on the transfer fee for every transaction you process. The more transactions you send or receive, the more you earn.