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The money transfer specialist in Morocco

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Canal M is a very well known name in every cities in Morocco from the smallest to the largest. We dedicated the last 18 years in building a network of locations with professionals at your service in each and every location. We partnered with the best international and national financial institutions in order to provide you with the best possible services.

Our Mission.

We believe in simple, secured, widely available and affordable money transfer services. Canal M makes it easier for you to send and receive money and pay transactions since 1999 everywhere in Morocco. We have a strong culture of customer service and effectiveness.
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What we Do.

Canal M and its mother company MEA Finance mainly focus on both international and domestic money transfers. Although we are and will stay money transfer professionals, our locations now offer a variety of other financial services ranging from third parties payments to taxes collection and prepaid debit cards processing.

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The Mother Company

MEA Finance

MEA Finance is a financial institution authorized by the Moroccan central bank (Bank Al-Maghrib) under license n° 18, that is published at the Moroccan Official Bulletin n°5692 of December 18th 2008. Created in 1999 (before money transfer regulations were locally established), MEA Finance started very small but managed to achieve a remarkably rapid growth, owing its success to the following highlights:

  • It is located in a country with a huge potential for money transfer business.
  • It has been created and is run by professional people with a great experience and a wide knowledge of funds transfer business.
  • Since the start of its business, MEA has been dealing with a big number of remittance companies at different parts of the world. Its network of foreign partners has continued its growth through years and, as of today, counts more than 40 companies, including Western Union and MoneyGram.
  • MEA had its first success story in Spain, where it managed to become the most common system to use for money transfers to Morocco. It was since year 2004 that its reputation has extended to other important markets for remittances to Morocco, such as Belgium, Italy and Middle East countries.
  • It is offering money transfer services through its dedicated network Canal M, which includes branches as well Agents’ locations. While closely working on the expansion of such network, the latter currently counts over 250 locations spread all over the country and covering areas with the biggest money transfer volumes, going from big cities to very small and remote villages.
  • Its operations are run on an on-line basis system, whereby money orders become accessible by all the network (connected to MEA server) as soon as they are made available by Correspondents and can therefore be instantly paid out.
  • It is employing a multi-language and experienced team at its Call and Operations Centres, ensuring that all received queries or complaints are handled in the quickest and most efficient manner.
  • It offers a very good quality of service by having a friendly contact with customers, making sure they can collect their money within the fastest timeframe and in the best conditions.
  • MEA’s head office and paying locations have got very flexible working hours, being ready to offer the service at late hours and even on weekends and holidays when necessary.
  • Since its early years of business, MEA has made its best to operate in compliance with international rules of anti-money-laundering, applying due diligence procedures (even before AML regulations have been established in Morocco).
  • It offers 3 types of money transfer service : Cash at Counter, Home Delivery and Bank Deposit.
The Daughter Company

Canal M

Canal M is a network of locations based in Morocco, providing money transfer and other services for its parent company MEA Finance.

Since its creation in 1999, this network has been growing from one day to other, granting more and more proximity and convenience to its customers, both internationally and nationally. It includes both own locations and franchisees’.

Internationally, Canal M services more than 40 cash-to-cash trademarks, including the market leaders, Western Union, Moneygram and Ria.

In addition to its international business, its local service, CanalXpress, enables Moroccan customers to transfer money from one city to the other and, thanks to the network wide coverage of the country, get it instantly picked up by recipients whenever and wherever requested.

Some of our partners

  • Western Union
  • Moneygram
  • Ria
  • iTransfer
  • Sigue
  • Small World
  • Moneymo
  • Titanes
  • Transfast
  • Dahabshiil
  • Aftab
  • World Remit