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How to send money from one of our locations ?

Canal M offers a fast, secured and affordable way to send money to a loved one from city to city in Morocco.

This is how to use CanalXpress :

  • Find a location
  • Provide information
  • Hand over the money
  • You are done !

Our local national transfer service, named CanalXpress, is a quick, secure and low-cost way to locally send money to your loved ones. First, you need to find the closest Canal M location in your city. To do so, you can use our convenient location map.

Canal M network of 350+ locations, spread all over Morocco, offers you a high quality service at the lowest cost and in the most professional way.

Step 2 ⇒

Provide information on yourself and on the money recipient. The agent will ask for your ID in order to secure the transaction so make sure you have it with you. The agent will also ask for the name and surname of the beneficiary and the city or location where he wishes to pick up the money.

Canal M offers one of the most secured and reliable money transfer service in Morocco. Our procedures and protocols are state of the art and we take compliance and security very seriously.

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Hand over the money to be transferred as well as the fee amount to the agent. He will then issue a transaction receit containing a PIN number. Communicate the transaction PIN to the beneficiary and tell him he can pick the money up immediately.

CanalXpress is one of the fastest way to send money from city to city all over Morocco. Our national money transfer service is not only fast, it's also the cheapest service available starting at 22DH regardless of the sending and receiving cities.

Previous step Done
You are done... Thank You for choosing CanalXpress!
Your money has been sent and the beneficiary can instantly pick it up in any one of our 350+ locations in Morocco.

Send money from city to city

CanalXpress is the cheapest yet most effective way to quickly send money to your loved ones inside Morocco. Try it now !
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Where is the closest Canal M location ?

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Distributeur agréé Wafacash

You can now also send money with Wafacash

Cash Express is available in our locations

Canal M locations are the only ones in Morocco to give you the choice of services. You can now send money to an other city using Cash Express and the beneficiary will then pick up his money in any of Canal M or Wafacash locations.